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About us 

The AMS Auto GmbH was founded in 1994. First we started with vehicle repairs, retail trade and the restoration of vintage cars, in 2001 we started with the online trade. First we had the webside online, on this side we sold mounts and equipments for mobile navigation systems. Later I needed carcovers, the carcovers I had for my car was way to small. The price of high-quality carcover was to expencive but I didn`t want to buy cheap carcovers for my car. So I had a new idea for business: carcover with high-quality and a faire price. So we started the production of carcover and we opend another webside which is named www.KFZ Because oft he good contacts we had earlier, we sold the carcovers really quickly and the demand kept growing. In order to sell high-quality carcover we had to produce them in huge monts.

Quickly we knew that we didn´t had enough place to store our goods, so the best solution was to build another storage. Meanwhile I needed spareparts for the restoration of my own vintage car but the spare parts were´nt available. Because I´am a master of toolmaker it was not that heavy to constuct a new spare part and I decieded to have them manufactured in companies with specific machine tools. Even to produce only one piece would be uneconomical, so I let them produce more of the spare parts and sold it to brand dealers. Because of that I can sold the spare parts as fast as I can to earn new money for producing new spare parts. I found out that other companies sell the spare parts too, so I buy at those companies too. Because of this reason I open up a another webshop The range growed a lot so we rent new premises. In 2012 we also decided to built a another storage hall to work economicaly.

A. Düniß

Our Team
Andreas Düniß
Andreas Düniß - CEO
Angelika Düniß
Angelika Düniß - Backoffice
Jens Auch
Jens Auch - CMO
Patrick Schulze
Patrick Schulze - Head of Sales
Julia Klein
Julia Klein - CFO
Klaus Kollender
Klaus Kollender - Sales
Sven Brigmann
Sven Brigmann - Sales
Nick Guck
Nick Guck - Sales
Christopher Kielau
Christopher Kielau - Trainee Marketing
Daniel Braconier
Daniel Braconier - Technic
Jan Hausmann
Jan Hausmann - Goods Receipt
Jörg Tomys
Jörg Tomys - Goods Receipt 
Stefan Arens
Stefan Arens - Shipping
Pedro Dinis
Pedro Dinis - Shipping
Berit Marcour
Berit Marcour - Shipping
Torsten Leonhardt
Torsten Leonhardt - Shipping
Carsten Holtmann
Carsten Holtmann - Facility Manager
Reklamationsabteilung ;-)
Complaints department ;-)
Sales area
Laden außen
Small goods storage 
Hallehinteninnen 1
external storage
Pallet storage
small goods storage 
Packing area
Täglicher Versand
daylie shipping 
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