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Schaltkulissen für Mercedes-Benz Modelle
Einstiegsleisten für die Coupes C124, Cabrios A124 und Limousinen der 124er Baureihe.
Aufkleber und Aufklebersätze für verschiedene Modelle

Stainless steel bumper

Edelstahl Stoßstangen

Hochwertige Edelstahl-Stoßstangen für Ihr Fahrzeug. Passgenau für viele Modelle.

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In diesen sonnigen Monaten ist dieser praktische Helfer nicht mehr wegzudenken. Wir bieten Sonnenblenden für viele Fahrzeuge. Auch helfen wir bei der Beschaffung. » Zur Kategorie

Car Cover

Auto Schutzdecken

Hochwertige Autoschutzdecken bieten optimalen Schutz für Ihr Fahrzeug. Passgenaue Form und hochwertige Materialien garantieren optimalen Schutz für Ihren Oldtimer. » Zur Seite

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Who are we and why we sell the parts for the vintage cars?

My name is Andreas Düniß, I´am a master of making tools and I`am a big fan and driver of vintage cars from the 1960er and 1970er years. In my workshop, which I got in 1994 I restorated some Mercedes and Porsche classic cars. No matter which car, Mercedes W113 Pagode, Mercedes W108, Mercedes 190SL or Porsche 911- I got so many different cars and types of cars from my customer.

I had to give the workshop away becaus of health reasons and now I work at the production and selling carcovers. Through the years I connect very important contacts with restorers and producers for spare parts and other specialists of Mercedes, Porsche, VW and Alfa-Romeo.

Many friendships developed and a lot of petrol talks that I overheard, also which spare parts from which Brands are good to get and which are just too expensive. Becasue of my good contacts to other countries, I was able to produce the pieces and sold them to spare part dealers.

Since we have been selling for many years I had collect many experience, because of that the idea to sell the spare parts with other companies.

So we sell some of my spare parts and some of the spare parts from there own production. I bought a lot of original spare parts from european, german and asian production. Because of my high-quality standards I know which pieces are good and which are not the best.

The Idea for a new Onlineshop was born:

In the shop you will find not only parts for vintage cars, for Mercedes-Benz or Porsche, but also for many historic cars of other brands.

Of course, we are not a full-range supplier, but our range of spare parts with a good price-performance ratio is constantly growing.

Do you also deal with reproductions of classic car spare parts or do you have a large remaining stock of new original spare parts and are you interested to work with us? You just have to offer me your OEM spare parts from old stocks or reproductions.

Do you need a spare part that you cannot find in my online shop or anywhere else? I would help you to find the spare part.

Why I tell you all that staff? Cause I want you to know, that behind this webside are people that want to help you and don´t do that only because of the money.

More informations about

We have parts for many brands, with our main focus on parts for Mercedes classic cars. We store many spare parts for Mercedes SL W113 type Pagoda (230SL, 250SL and 280SL) but also for Mercedes 190SL and the numerous limousines from the Ponton to the Mercedes S class W108 on site. We have numerous chrome parts, lights, wearing parts such as rubber parts / axle parts in our own warehouse in Gevelsberg. You can immediately see which spare parts we have in stock by looking at our warehouse traffic light. We can also be reached by telephone during business hours.

Although we have placed our focus on spare parts for Mercedes vintage cars, we would like to make it clear, that our spare parts sales are a cross-brand online shop. With us you will find parts and equipments for many vehicle brands.

Criticism and Fairness: No matter if you a customer or a competitor, please call us if you have any problems, cause it is easier to find a solution with a single call than to write a huge amount of mails.