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The distinguishing feature of the Mercedes Benz W 110, as well as the similar 111 and 112 model series, are the rear fins, with which the manufacturer Daimler-Benz, which stood for a rather conservative design, made concessions to the car design prevailing in the USA at the time. The straight-lined, elegant body shape with the side corrugations in the sheet metal was developed by the then Daimler-Benz chief designer Karl Wilfert and his team. Compared to American vehicles, however, the rear fins of the W 110 were rather small. The manufacturer called them "bearing bars" to make parking easier - they clearly marked the end of the car. You can buy spare parts for the Mercedes Benz W110 from us at great prices and in outstanding quality.

The body was characterized by a previously unknown level of passive safety: It was the first with a stable passenger cell and effective crumple zones. Mercedes carried out extensive crash tests, for example causing a vehicle to roll over a ramp at 80 km/h. You can buy Mercedes Benz W110 spare parts from us.

The 190 D and 200 D diesel versions were particularly popular due to their durability, reliability, driving comfort, large trunk and low fuel consumption. This also explains the significantly higher production figures of the diesel models compared to the petrol models. For an unladen weight of just under 1.4 tons, the diesels have a relatively low engine output of 55 hp; the top speed with automatic transmission is 127 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes around 30 seconds - a VW Beetle 1200 with 34 hp takes only a little longer at 33 seconds and buy Mercedes Benz W110 spare parts.

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