W111 Coupé / Cabrio

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The Mercedes-Benz W111 was a chassis code for a range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles produced between 1959 and 1971, including four-door sedans (1959-1968) and two-door coupes and convertibles (1961 to 1971). You can buy Mercedes Benz W111 spare parts

from us at great prices and in outstanding quality. The body is characterized by the American-style tail fins, which earned the models the nickname Heckflosse. Mercedes Benz W111 rear axle, Mercedes Benz W111 exhaust, Mercedes Benz W111 headlights, Mercedes Benz W111 steering, Mercedes Benz W111 sun visors.

Introduced with a 2. 2-liter inline 6-cylinder engine, the W111 spawned two variants that bracketed it in 1961: Lower entry-level vehicles with in-line 4-cylinder engines that shared the chassis and body of the W111 and were called the W110; and the W112, a top-end luxury sedan built on the chassis of the W111 with its body but exclusive features, lavish appointments and the 3-liter M189 six-cylinder fuel-injected engine of the Mercedes-Benz 300d Adenauer - the company's largest engine at the time and buy Mercedes Benz W111 spare parts you can with us. Somewhat confusingly, both the W111 and W112 series include vehicles with different bodies designed by Paul Bracq, the two-door coupé and the cabriolet. You can also buy these Mercedes Benz W111 spare parts from us at unbeatable prices.